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CFLD Signs New Industrial City Projects in India and Vietnam as part of the Belt and Road Strategy

September 14, 2016标签:廊坊、京津冀协同发展

Today, a subsidiary of CFLD signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Tinnghia Corporation, a state-controlled enterprise in Dong Nai Province of Vietnam, to jointly build a new industrial city in East Saigon New City and Ong Keo Industrial Zone in Dong Nai Province to the east of Ho Chi Ming City, Vietnam. Prior to this, on September 14, a subsidiary of CFLD signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the government of Maharashtra State, India and its subsidiary state-run enterprise City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra Ltd. (CIDCO) to jointly build a new industrial city in the area subject to the radiation of the Navi Mumbai International Airport in Maharashtra.

This is another important milestone of the company on the road to global layout planning relying on the “The Belt and Road” strategy and the international industrial capacity cooperation strategy after the cooperation with Indonesia’s ASRI and Maharashtra of India.

Active integration of the Belt and Road layout, accelerating the global layout of new industrial cities

Since the implementation of the “Belt and Road” strategy, CFLD has been actively integrated the layout of the strategy and accelerating its expansion into key countries as part of its strategy of internationalization.

Today, Vietnam has a population of over 90 million and the per capita economic growth rate ranking No. 2 in the world. With the deepening Sino-Vietnamese cooperation, the joining of China’s “The Belt and Road” initiative with Vietnam’s “Two Corridors and One Ring” development plan has become a hot topic. As one of the largest emerging economics of the world, India is also facing the best period of development opportunities in 10 years and has great strength and potential of development.

The area where CFLD and Vietnam’s XINYI GROUP plan to develop lies in East Saigon New City and Anke Industrial Zone in Dong Nai Province to the east of Ho Chi Ming City, Vietnam. CFLD will bring its experience in industrial planning, urban planning and infrastructural construction, investment attraction and operation, etc. to provide the project will all-round support so as to drive the economic development, social harmony and people’s happiness in the area.

The Navi Mumbai International Airport project in India, is located in the area subject to the radiation of the Navi Mumbai International Airport, only 10km away from the airport. CFLD will provide industrialization and urbanization construction of this area with a whole package of comprehensive solutions.

“With the PPP model, CFLD will collaborate with Maharashtra to develop a world-class new industrial city,” said Zhao Hongjing, President of International Business at CFLD.

CFLD releases platform aggregation effect

With new industrial city agreements in Vietnam and India, CFLD’s strategy in Asia has taken shape. In less than a year’s time, its new industrial cities will be strategically located in major countries along The Belt and Road, such as Indonesia, India and Vietnam.

Besides international expansion of new industrial cities, CFLD has also been actively building industrial capacity cooperation platforms, cooperating with large state-run enterprises like Sinosteel and Inspur Group and is involved in the construction of countries along “The Belt and Road”. CFLD has also aligned itself with the Investment Promotion Agency and the Ministry of Commerce, which is China’s national investment promotion institution for joint exploration and innovation.

In the future, CFLD will establish industrial capacity cooperation platforms with relevant countries to provide a whole package of investment promotion services, such as information sharing and investment recommendation to effectively promote the investment and settlement of China’s advanced manufacturing industries, unique service industries and specialized processing industries overseas. With its capacity in developing urban comprehensive services, CFLD will offer high-standard infrastructure and all-in-one services integrating commerce, education and healthcare, to provide the enterprises with comprehensive solutions to invest overseas.

With the comprehensive promotion of the overseas strategies, CFLD continue to accelerate the layout planning in emerging economic areas of the world, expounding on its advantages in the development and operation of new industrial cities, effectively integrating global resources and further release the aggregation effect of the platforms to create new industrial cities featuring “highly-agglomerated industries, consummate urban functions, beautiful environment” and help the areas to achieve industrial transformation and upgrading and high-quality sustainable development of economy.

CFLD and China Investment Promotion Agency of the Ministry of Commerce work together

On September 8, at the 19th China International Fair for Investment & Trade, CFLD signed a letter of intent for investment promotion cooperation with the China Investment Promotion Agency, Ministry of Commerce.