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CFLD and China Investment Promotion Agency of the Ministry of Commerce work together

September 8, 2016标签:廊坊、京津冀协同发展

On September 8, at the 19th China International Fair for Investment & Trade, CFLD signed a letter of intent for investment promotion cooperation with the China Investment Promotion Agency, Ministry of Commerce.

Create international capacity cooperation to go global

To implement “The Belt and Road” strategy and promote international capacity cooperation, the two parties have agreed to establish a long-term stable partnership to jointly explore and innovate investment promotion mechanism and to cooperate in international capacity cooperation; to build a platform for enterprises to “go global” and carry out international capacity cooperation and jointly explore the construction of foreign industrial parks; to strengthen information exchange and combine with professional agencies to construct one-stop information platform for foreign investment; to integrate professional agencies, enterprises and other relevant resources to jointly construct a platform for synergetic industry development and promotion.

Additionally, both will also jointly plan and organize bilateral investment promotion activities, research industry investments, share network resources of investment promotions in China and abroad and to also cooperate in other relevant areas.

The China Investment Promotion Agency serves both domestic and foreign investors and focuses on the bilateral investment promotion work for “bringing in” and “going global”. CFLD, as a leading operator of new industrial city in China, devotes itself to creating new industrial cities and promoting regional economy development, industry and upgrading. This partnership shows potential of it working.

CFLD believes in the “The Belt and Road”

“Under the background of the present global economy development and ‘The Belt and Road’, international capacity cooperation is not only conductive to promoting China’s economic restructuring, transformation and upgrading, but also conductive to linking up the supply and demand of the countries at different development stages, promoting free factor flow, efficient resources allocation, deep market openness and realizing high, medium and low organic integration of industrial chain and value chain.” Vice minister of the Ministry of Commerce Wang Shouwen expressed.

Now, overseas economic and trade zones have become an important aggregated development platform in the international capacity cooperation. To positively respond to the call of Chinese government for co-building “The Belt and Road”, from the second half of 2015, CFLD has actively marketed its new industrial city plans around the world, developing a new way for international capacity cooperation.

At present, CFLD has formally agreed to build a new industrial city in Indonesia and has signed a MOU with Haryana, India. Meanwhile CFLD has actively built an overseas platform for Chinese enterprises like Zhonggang Metallurgical, Inspur Group and many other Chinese enterprises to provide overall solutions and one-stop service for their foreign investment.

CFLD president Meng Jing expressed that in the future, CFLD will establish a capacity cooperation platform mechanism with countries to provide information sharing, investment promotion and other package investment promotion services, to promote the investment and settlement of Chinese advanced manufacturing, new service industries and competitive processing industries, as well utilize comprehensive service developments such as commerce, education and healthcare, to provide overall solutions to enterprises’ foreign investment.