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CFLD holds Indonesia Investment Forum, Indonesian delegation

September 3, 2016标签:廊坊、京津冀协同发展

On September 3, 2016, the “Indonesia Investment Forum”, co-sponsored by CFLD, the Embassy of Indonesia in China, BKPM and the China Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia, was held in Shanghai. More than 1,000 attendees from both China and Indonesia, including government officials, trade association leaders and enterprise representatives attended the forum and jointly discussed Sino-Indonesia economic and trade cooperation and industry investment opportunities.

At the forum, International president of CFLD Zhao Hongjing said that CFLD devotes itself to building a bridge for global and Indonesia economic and trade development, building a platform for international capacity cooperation and providing one-stop service to global enterprises to invest in Indonesia.

According to insiders, the attendance by the Indonesian president, Indonesian government officials and over 1,000 enterprises marks CFLD’s global strategy and building of international capacity cooperation platform have been widely recognized worldwide.

Government and Corporations in for Sino-Indonesia industry cooperation

At the G20 Hangzhou Summit it was discussed how China and Indonesia could promote their economic and trade exchanges and increase industry cooperation.

Many Indonesian government officials, represented by Indonesian president Joko Widodo, including the Indonesia contingent of the Minister of Ocean Affairs (on behalf of the minister of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources), the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Industry, the Minister of Trade Ministry, the Minister of Telecommunications, the Chairman of BKPM and the Ambassador of Indonesia to China, the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Commerce Gao Yan and the Deputy Mayor of Shanghai Shi Guanghui attended the Summit.

At the forum, President Joko stated that the Indonesian economy possesses huge development potential and broad prospects, the Government will actively promote the development of manufacturing and other industries and support the construction of industrial in order to create a good investment environment for enterprises in Indonesia.

At the Summit, the Indonesian ministers also shed light on various investment opportunities and preferential policies of the Indonesia’s energy, industry, trade, communication and industries from and also explained tax preferences, convenience in import and export customs clearance, simplification of registration process and other issues.

The aim of this “Indonesia Investment Forum” was to build a bridge for Chinese enterprises to participate in Indonesian investment and development opportunities and help them better understand the Indonesian investment environment, industry and approval procedures. CFLD invited more than 1,000 enterprises from the energy, high-end equipment manufacturing, electronics, new energy, internet, logistics, business service, finance sectors, including the likes of Shanghai Geoharbour, CITIC Pacific, MI, CRRC Zhuzhou Vehicle Group, Letv, INESA and a host of others.

All guests attending the forum expressed Indonesia is in a good position; with more Sino-Indonesia investment exchanges and the benefits from the Jakarta - Bandung High-speed Rail and other strategic projects, Chinese enterprises intend to make investments in Indonesia. They will leverage on the one-stop platform built by CFLD for investment in Indonesia to realize the strategic demand of enterprises for “going global”.

“The Belt and Road” strategy and the new industrial city mode

At the G20 Hangzhou Summit, the “The Belt and Road” strategy was a concern of some delegates.

Indonesia, as the first proponent of “21st Century Maritime Silk Road”, has established a comprehensive strategic partnership with China. Now, China and Indonesia are both in their crucial period of economic development, which provides many opportunities for their economic and trade and industry cooperation.

CFLD has always participated in the regional economic development of Indonesia. In 2016, CFLD’s first international new industrial city was approved to be built in Tangerang, Banten Province, Indonesia. The project was seen as a benchmark of a global new industrial city and devoted to building a resources interaction and service network for global new industrial cities as well as building an international platform for enterprises to invest in Indonesia.

As a global leading operator of new industrial city, CFLD now has constructed over 40 new industrial cities around the world. In 2016, the company has started investment and development plans for foreign new industrial cities in Indonesia and India and has established resident agencies in Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Egypt and other countries. CFLD will develop the business of new industrial cities, by focusing on Southeast Asia and South Asia as well as Africa, America, Central and Eastern Europe and other regions.

Through the investment, construction and operation of international new industrial cities, CFLD has constructed a good platform for international capacity cooperation and become an effective carrier of Chinese enterprises to “go global”, contributing to the development of the “The Belt and Road” strategy.

BKPM chairman Tom Lamb expressed, “Indonesia’s new economic strategy will bring a lot investment opportunity to enterprises. New industrial cities constructed by CFLD in Indonesia will build a global industrial cooperation platform and will breathe new life into Indonesia’s regional and industrial development.”

“We have always developed new industrial cities abroad and provided enterprises with overall solutions for venturing abroad. In the future, Chinese enterprises may take advantage of the ecological system of industrial platforms built by CFLD to realize strategic positioning and global patterns.” Zhao Hongjing stated.