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Construction officially begins for CFLD International’s Tangerang New Industry City in Indonesia

18 December, 2016标签:廊坊、京津冀协同发展

Groundbreaking for the Tangerang New Industry City, the first international new industry city of CFLD International in Indonesia, was held today with Wang Li Ping,Minister Counsellor of Economic and Commercial Counsellor's Office of Chinese Embassy in Indonesia.

As a platform for Chinese corporations to promote “the One Belt and One Road” global initiative and the international industry capacity cooperation, the official start to construct Tangerang New Industry City will further strengthen industry cooperation and create a hi-tech industry cluster between China and Indonesia, thus encouraging more Chinese companies to explore industry collaborations overseas. This win-win situation will not only spark the development of the regional economy, but at the same time, this will coincide with CFLD International’s mission and mindset of ‘Action First’, which best explains CFLD International’s globalization goals for 2016.

China has been one of Indonesia’s key major trading partners in recent years, serving as the country’s largest export and import market. China is now Indonesia’s third largest source of investment and with the prospect of relations only getting better, this ushers in a new era of cross- commercial collaboration between these two countries.

The ideally located Tangerang New Industrial City is west to the capital, Jakarta and next to the Jakarta-Merak Highway. It lies 20 kilometers away from Jakarta’s international airport, and 31 kilometers away from Jakarta’s central business district. This new industry city lies in the path of North-South highways, which lead to Jakarta’s international airport.

The Tangerang New Industry City will combine industry development within its city limits. Together with the upgrading of Indonesia’s main industries and its rapid modernization plans, it aims to build a “new economy” center in Indonesia. With new industries, such as new development innovations, cutting-edge technology, E-commerce, CFLD International’s vision for the Tangerang New Industry City will be the creation of an innovation-centric future city that is “eco-friendly, green, livable, and business-friendly” in west Jakarta.