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CFLD Int’l and CCCME partnership helps enterprises “going abroad”

19 Jun, 2018标签:廊坊、京津冀协同发展

CFLD International and China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (CCCME) signed cooperation agreement in Gu’An New Industry City exhibition center on June 15th, 2018. To give full play to respective advantages on the basis of New Industry Cities, the two parties will establish comprehensive cooperation in resource sharing, investment promotion, and capacity cooperation.

Liang Wentao, Vice President of CFLD and Chairman of CFLD International, Liu Xingchuan, Vice President of CFLD, Zhang Yujing, President of CCCME, and Shi Yonghong, Vice President of CCCME, and other delegates attended the signing ceremony.

CCCME delegation visited Gu’An Satellite Navigation Park, Gu'An Peptide Valley Biomedical Park, Visionox (Gu’An) 6th Generation of AMOLED, Gu’An Exhibition Center, etc. The experiences in terms of operating models, industrial research and planning, industry clusters, and investment promotion are introduced to the delegation in the process.

With the Belt and Road Initiative and the acceleration of International Capacity Cooperation, Chinese economy will further integrate into the world. The scale of Chinese enterprises “going abroad” continues to expand, promoting the upgrade of global industrial chain on a broader and higher level. In this process, a group of overseas industry park operators, represented by CFLD, and industrial promotion associations such as CCCME are committed to build platforms for Chinese enterprises to “go abroad”, offering them opportunities for capacity cooperation and industry agglomeration.

Mr. Liang said that, as the practitioner of the national initiative, CFLD International actively explores new approaches for investing overseas. It has established New Industry Cities and industry parks in several countries including Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. The agreement signed with CCCME will be a joint effort in exploring the mechanism for coordinated industrial development. Together, they will give full play to respective advantages, dig deeper into the partnership, and search for more potentials of overseas investment and trade.

As the only state-level business association for the import and export of machinery and electronic products, and the most influential, representative electromechanical industry organization in China, CCCME has nearly ten thousand member companies. It plays a vital role in strengthening communication with companies of the same industry worldwide, and pushing forward global resource matching.

Mr. Zhang pointed out that, CCCME supports and encourages its member companies to “go abroad”, and is willing to assist their industry transformation and upgrading. CFLD International has mature carriers for capacity cooperation, therefore the two parties working together would better support Chinese enterprises’ global business, and further guarantee the “Made in China” process.

The two parties have also suggested a variety of future cooperation proposals, including platform building, information exchange, resource sharing and joint promotion on the signing ceremony. Their joint effort will provide Chinese enterprises with a more comprehensive services and supports.

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